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What I'm doing NOW in 2018


Dealing with lifes challenges and trying to get a side income going


  • Currently fighting a rise in blood glucose levels by massively cutting carbs again (less than 50g per day, I'm Diabetic Type 2)

  • Helping to care for my wifes Mum who is now living with us, she's recovering from a stroke and dealing day to day with Dementia

  • Frantically trying to stop Frozen Shoulder taking hold, already had it in the other shoulder which ended with surgery after a 3 year period. If I can beat it I can start competing at Archery again. Archery is my 3rd love after my wife and dogs

  • Staying positive and enjoying the day job building some interesting apps using Laravel and Vue.js

  • Trying to stay fit by walking and playing with my most excellent dogs

  • Snatching the odd hour of 'us time' with my wonderful and beautiful wife

  • Working spare hours to finish which is a well designed, easy to use & simple but powerful website, SSL and DNS monitoring tool for us mere mortals (ever seen the techno babble on sites like Pingdom or Site24x7, jeez!)

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