I'm an Entrepreneur, Bootstrapper and Web Developer based in Shropshire in the United Kingdom.

In early 2016 I took an exit from Digital Marmalade after spending 10 years as the Technical Director (and shareholder). During that time I helped to make it a £1,000,000+ p/a company.

I'm still on the payroll but have stepped back to consider the challenges I want for the next 10 years.

I talk about many things on this blog but mainly it's about business with a technical bias or tech tips as I learn or discover things. Of particular interest to me is Software Quality and Testing, Technical Business Processess (including DevOps!) and leveraging off the shelf tools to improve productivity.

I post about the commercial side of development, knowledge management, support and continuous integration. I have a bunch of Evernote tips, Jenkins solutions and snippets of Laravel and SQL coding.

I'm also a Husband, Dad to two dogs and a Competitve Archer (which i may write about from time to time).

You can follow me on Twitter, my handle is @DeanLJ or email me.

My projects include:

Amazing Passwords: a tool to generate secure passwords and recall them without saving them anywhere.

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